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Platformer AI

Posted in game programming on February 16, 2008 by brandonman

I took a programming break this week to clear my mind and play some CS:Source. Fun Game. Anyways, came back to Spec-Ops. I got my enemies to show, turns out I wasn’t sending them into the screen, but out of the monitor ­čśÇ Now I need ideas for AI. I don’t want pathedic AI (Yes, it was, admit it) like Mario. I would like some sort of strategies. If any readers have any ideas, please leave a comment or e-mail brandonmanrules AT gmail DOT com

replace AT with @ and DOT with ., and get rid of the spaces and you have my email. Protecting from spam.


Stuff on Ebay

Posted in stuff from ebay with tags , , on February 8, 2008 by brandonman

I am going to try to do a little “stuff I found on E-Bay” post once a month or so. Well, here’s the first one.

Up first is… A Rusty Paperclip! 11 bids and it is at $11.

Now, we have Sammy the Sardine… a can of sardines with 9 bids at 15.50. They have a dumb back-story and everything.

Alright…… a paper happy face… 18 bids at 38.50. I’ll warn you, they have an annoying song about a happy face, so turn down sound…

Here’s one, a Mercedes logo in an onion ring. quoted: “Bring class into your home for the beginning on this new year!” Amazingly, 0 bids.

Here’s a dumb one. 3┬áChinese┬átakeout sauces. They┬ásold for 55 cents. Now who would buy this? You can get them free at a┬áChinese restaurant. Take a look.

Here’s a just crazy one. This teacher wants a rich person to give her 30,000 dollars to pay her tuition. A RANDOM person on the Internet wants you to pay her 30k.


Posted in game programming with tags , , , on February 1, 2008 by brandonman

I started on a platformer today. The player is a special operations person. There are currently 5 levels I’ve designed on paper. I now have to implement them. I have the walking animation done, jumping, walking, and drawing all set up in the game. Now I need to move onto the pesky AI….