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Stuff from eBay… Part 2!

Posted in stuff from ebay on April 4, 2008 by brandonman

First, Alien Invasion is now free on my site!

Now then, here we go, missed Stuff from eBay last month. supposably a cursed, evil, rubber ducky… 13 bids! total 13.83 so far. a screw! 1 bid – 99 cents, 1 bid, 5.75 shipping cost 😀 an illinois shaped cornflake… “Not meant for human consumption” Janis Joplin chocolate milk stain. 9.98, no bids. Angel in a piece of wood. $100! 8 BIDS! Nana the Banana Octopus. ‘Nuff Said… 1 bid: 99 cents