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Here’s an interesting thing I saw on the evilmadscientist blog at http://www.evilmadscientist.com/index.php. These guys were given a job to hang up electronic signs that had art for a movie called Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres. The guys hung up the signs as promotion, and then, in the end of January, one was spotted near an overpass and police were called. The bomb squad came and the signs were destroyed with bombs. The guys who hung the signs were found and arrested after a few more signs were found. Here’s a few quotes from the wiki article.

“Repeat after me, authorities. L-E-D. Not I-E-D. Get it?”

 Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley said the device “had a very sinister appearance. It had a battery behind it, and wires.”

“The majority of us recognize the difference between a bomb and a Lite-Brite,”

I think the arrest of these men was a joke. There were no bombs on the signs. Look at that second quote, that shows how much sophisticated they are… The “planters” of the signs were released on a $2500 bail! Finally, in May, the prosecution decided not to press charges, but the men were forced to do community service and apologize to the community. Man, all over some electronic art…


ATHF LED in Cambridge.jpg


Potential Fields

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I am going to write about potential fields for AI in game programming to give everyone an understanding of it. Basically, you have a starting point (The place your AI Agent is at), and a goal, say, the location of the player. You start by creating a 2D array split into tiles. Then, you assign the location of the goal as 0. You then loop through the other locations, and make the value of them equal to the distance from the goal. Then, you loop through, and if a tile has an object on it, such as a wall, you make that tile have a value that is very high, higher than any other values in the array.

Now, each frame, you have your agent evaluate all its bordering tiles, and move to the one with the lowest value.

Wow, it’s that easy!

Note: To anyone who may have done this before, if I misunderstood or explained it wrong, leave me a comment or email me at brandonmanrulesATgmail.com. I didn’t put it in the email format just in case of spammers. replace AT with @.

Also, if anyone would want to do a link exchange for sites or blogs, that’d be great. I could make a post with your blog/site and you could make a post with mine.


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I started reading some articles on AI today. I’m either going to use Neural Networks or Potential Fields, which basically assign a very high number to the start position and loop through and as you get closer to the goal, the number decreases. All objects are given the highest possible value. The lower values are where you want to go, and higher are where you stay away from. Then, you just loop through the pixels or tiles surrounding you and you choose the lowest of those. Pretty simple.


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continued work on my FPS today. Have map-loading, a nice engine framework, a camera, and enemies with no AI. Woohoo.


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OK, this is my first blog post. I’m new to this whole blog thing, so shoot me a comment if I’m doing something in the wrong way. OK, this blog will be about stuff I find interesting, which means mostly gaming and my game programming adventures, along with me working on marketing my first commercial game. Here are the latest screens of that commercial game, Alien Invasion, showing the first 2 levels.

alien invasion 1

Alien Invasion 2